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What is redirecting and how to set up links

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Redirecting is automatically routing someone from one place to another.
When you've built your survey using another platform, but need responses from TapResearch- those who are taking the survey will need to be directed from Tap, to your survey, and then back again to be rewarded.

All this moving around means that we need TapResearch and your survey building platform to communicate correctly, and we do that using redirect URLs.

The TapResearch redirect URLs can be found in the URL section of your project: 

Note: Our redirects are company-based and do not change per project- so you can save them and implement across all your TapResearch projects!

Setting these up in the survey builder you've selected will differ depending on the platform. Each platform will have its own instructions on how to do this!
We've also created some helpful articles for these common platforms: 

To learn more about URL setup, see here. To learn more about testing your project, see here

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