To use Typeform with TapResearch, you will need a "Professional" account. This level currently costs $35/mo if you pay by the year or $50/mo if you pay per month. (
If you need a one-off survey finished or do not want to upgrade, please contact us at Our internal survey tool may be a fit.

After creating your survey in TypeForm, perform the following steps:

On the "Create" survey page, Select "Settings":

Then turn on "Redirect on Completion"

Return to TapResearch and within the campaign, copy the "Success" Redirect URLs. These redirects can be found in the URL section and are specific to your customer account.

You will remove the "?tid=" from the end of the link and add the link into TypeForm:

Next, go to the Share page in Typeform and copy the survey URL:

Don't forget! Add "?id=" to the end of the link.

For Example:   https:/

Are you still confused about appending your URL? Check out this help document

After appending your URL, add it into TapResearch URL section:

Then test your survey to be sure you are redirected correctly:

If everything is correct, you should be redirected to a page that shows that you completed:

You are good to proceed with collecting responses!

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