1) Create your project in TapResearch

  • Select "External Link".
  • Name your survey, select your survey country and language, then press "Continue".
  • Under the "Respondent Targeting" Tab, set up your quotas: Name your quota, Input the target number of respondents, and select your targeting options. After you have created your quotas, move to the "Survey Details" tab.
  • Under the "Survey Details" tab, input the approximate length of time respondents will need to complete the survey and the incidence rate ( You can learn more about estimating length and incidence rate here). By default, "Days in field" will be set to 5, this can be adjusted as needed. After all fields have been filled, feasibility will be shown.

2) Set up the project in TypeForm

  • After you have created your project in Typeform, click on the "Hidden Fields" section.
  • Input "id" into the field below. Then save.
  • From your TypeForm dashboard, click on your Thank You/End page.
  • From the TypeForm dashboard, click on "Share".
  • Now, copy the survey URL from Typeform and return to TapResearch.

3) Return to TapResearch to test and Launch

  • Paste the survey URL into your TapResearch projects under the URLS tab in both the "Test URL" and "Live URL" section. After pasting the URL into place, delete the "xxxx" following "id=". The URL should be the same in both test and live.
  • Now, click the "Test" button and click the following the link to enter your survey.

  • Attempt to test your survey from start to finish and upon reaching the end of the survey, you will see your "Thank you" page briefly. Following that, you will be redirected to the following page:

Congratulations! If you were able to see this page, your project is ready to go.

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