Testing your project is required before launching your project to be sure everything is working! We recommend testing for both a terminate and a complete to be sure that your redirects are in correctly.

To learn more about redirects, see here.
To learn more about your survey link (URL) set up, see here

To start testing, select the "test" button:

This will produce a pop-up that autofills in a unique test ID. Click on or copy that URL into your browser to test:

This should take you to the survey you have built. Once you have finished filling out your survey, you should be automatically redirected back to TapResearch and see a page similar to this: 

If you don't see a screen similar to this, check your set-up of the redirects. Don't try launching the project until you are correctly redirected!

You can view all your tests by clicking the "Results" button. 

If you are having issues, feel free to reach out to projectmanagement@tapresearch.com for help! 

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