This guide will lead you through the process of setting up TapResearch redirects and variables within SurveyGizmo. A "Professional" ($1,020 Annual) subscription to SurveyGizmo is required for simple surveys that do not contain disqualification logic. A "Full Access" ($1,800 Annual) subscription is required for more advanced surveys that do contain disqualification logic. 

1) Create your project in TapResearch

  • Select "External Link".
  • Name your survey, select your survey country and language, then press "Continue".
  • Under the "Respondent Targeting" Tab, set up your quotas: Name your quota, Input the target number of respondents, and select your targeting options. After you have created your quotas, move to the "Survey Details" tab.
  • Under the "Survey Details" tab, input the approximate length of time respondents will need to complete the survey and the incidence rate ( You can learn more about estimating length and incidence rate here). By default, "Days in field" will be set to 5, this can be adjusted as needed. After all fields have been filled, feasibility will be shown.

2) SurveyGizmo Disqualification Logic (Optional - This feature is only available if you have a "Market Research" subscription).

  • Disqualification logic allows you to put questions in your survey that screen out respondents who select specific options within the survey. In order to implement this logic, select "Skip/Disqualify Logic".
  • On the following screen, design your logic conditions. In the following example, I have selected the option "4+ Years" as a disqualifying answer to Q1. You can add as many disqualifying conditions as you wish by selecting "+Add Condition". After selecting "External URL", enter your Tap disqualification redirect*. Remove ?tid= from the end of your redirect URL.  
  • Select Disqualified under "If logic passes, mark the response as:"

*Your redirects are specific to your company. You can find your redirect links under the "URLS" section of the Tap campaign builder : 

  • Scroll down further within the "Primary Setup" tab, and add a "URL variable". In the first 2 fields, add "tid". Then select "Save Action". 

3) SurveyGizmo Complete Logic 

  • Below the "Thank You Page", Select "Action".
  • On the "Add Action Page", Select "+Add" for URL Redirect.
  • Select "No" for Disqualify Respondent. For "URL", enter your Tap Success URL. Remove ?tid= from the end of the redirect URL.                                                                             
  •  In the "Delay" field, enter the amount of time you would like to elapse, before the respondent is redirected back to TapResearch. This number should be 5 or less.
  • Scroll down further within the "Primary Setup" tab, and add a "URL variable". In the first 2 fields, add "id". Then select "Save Action". 

4) Testing and Launching your project

  • Navigate to the "Share" tab in SurveyGizmo. Then copy the "Primary Share Link".
  • Navigate to your TapResearch project. Under the URL tab, copy your "Primary Share Link" from SurveyGizmo into both the "Test URL" and "Live URL". At the end of the URL you copied over, add "?tid={ID}" exactly as it appears, without any additional spaces. Your url should appear as follows:                                                                                     {ID}
  • Click on the "Test" button, then you will see a pop-up with a URL in the center of the screen. Click on that URL to enter your survey.
  • If you have Disqualification logic in place, attempt to trigger that disqualfication logic by selecting an answer which should disqualify you from the survey. If everything is in place correctly, you will be redirected to the following screen:
  • Attempt to test your survey from start to finish and upon reaching the end of the survey, you will see your "Thank you" page briefly. Following that, you will be redirected to the following page:

Congratulations! If you were able to see both of these pages correctly, your project is ready to go.

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