You've built your survey in another platform and now you need TapResearch to help provide people to answer your survey! To do this, TapResearch will need the entry link (or URL) from the survey builder so we can route people into your survey.
You will find this URL in whatever platform you built your survey in. If you are having issues locating this URL, reach out to the help center to the platform you are using. 

Next, you will want to add Tap's redirect URLs into the survey building platform you are using. For instruction on how to do this, see here.

The URL will need to be set up to capture an ID parameter from Tap. This ID will identify the person taking your survey.  Your survey building software should have more details on how to structure the link. 

Once you have the link and the redirects are in place, you are ready to add it to the URL section of your project: 

In the above example, we want the ID parameter to be added at the end of the link. {ID} is the variable that needs to be added to the URL in TapResearch setup. TapResearch system will automatically add in the respondent's ID to where ever {ID} is placed within the link.

Most of the time the Test URL and Live URL will be the same. Occasionally researchers like to have a different URL for testing so that they can tell the difference between their tests and real responses.

You will always want to test the link to be sure everything is working correctly! For instructions on this, go here.

You can also gather some of our data on the respondent using the {AGE}, {GENDER}, {ZIP_CODE} and {RESPONDENT_ID} substitution values in your URL. If you don't wish to append these to the URL, then you can also download the demographic information afterward. 

For any questions, please reach out to

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