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Get Demographic Information for Respondents
Get Demographic Information for Respondents

How to download a .csv with demographic data about respondents.

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TapResearch gathers many data points on each respondent. We ask these questions over time, so some respondents we have more information on than others. Demographic information also varies depending on what country you are targeting. 

However, we have basic demographic information on every respondent and those data points can be found in the "Common" section of the targeting section: 

If you need information that falls outside of the "Common", simply add the targeting to your project and that data will be included in your data download. In the below example, we'd like to be sure Political Affiliation is included in our download so we select that target group and make sure all options are selected. This way, it doesn't decrease our feasibility but will be sure that question is answered for everyone who enters your survey. 

This information is provided for free and you can download it by clicking the "details" button on your dashboard:

From there, simply click "Download CSV"

Once you've downloaded the data, you can connect it with your survey data by matching the ID to your survey data. 

As a note, if you don't set up your URL redirects to pass the ID to your survey builder then you won't be able to match this data to your survey data. 

We don't collect any personal identifying information on our respondents (name, email, address, etc). If you need this information, please review this information: here.

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