The entry link (or URL) to your survey is provided by your survey builder. The link will need to be set up to capture a transaction id parameter from Tap.  Your survey building software should have more details on how to structure the link.

The transaction ID will automatically append to the end of the URL you enter. If you need it somewhere else in the URL, place {ID} in that location.

To test your URL setup, enter a test URL and click the test button. This opens a test link that you can use to run through the survey and verify that it redirects back to properly. The results button will show the status of the test.

You can also gather some of our data on the respondent using the {AGE}, {GENDER}, {ZIP_CODE} and {RESPONDENT_ID} substitution values in your URL.

If this is a recontact survey (specified in Respondent Targeting), and specify replacement values, you can use them in your entry URL with the {RETARGET_IDENTIFIER} substitution value.

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