We have released a new feature where you can now export Campaign Demographic information via CSV via the below API Request:

POST https://www.tapresearch.com/api/v1/campaigns/:campaign_id/export_demographics

This feature aims to bring the API to parity with the TapResearch dashboard specifically the Get Demographic Information functionality.

The CSV will contain the following Column Headers:

Column Name



Transaction ID passed on survey entry.


Date/time associated with survey entry.

Panelist ID

Identifier provided for survey respondents.

Join Date

Date respondent joined TapResearch.


Status of Survey i.e. abandoned.


Age of the respondent.


Gender of the respondent.

Postal Code

Postal Code of the respondent.

Hispanic Origin

Is the respondent of Hispanic Origin?


Race of the respondent.

Martial Status

Marital status of the respondent.

Education Level

Education Level of the respondent.

Number of Employees

The number of employees at the respondent's workplace.

Age & Gender of Children

Age & gender of the respondent's children.

Employment Status

Respondent's employment status.

Employment Industry

Respondent's employment industry.


Respondent's county (where applicable).

Household Income

Respondent's household income.


Respondent's country.

Device Type

Respondent's device type.


Respondent's birthday.

Parental Status

Respondent's parental status.

Household Members

Does the respondent have other household members?

Auto Owners

Is the respondent an auto owner?

Military Status

Has the respondent served in the military?

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