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Learn how-to get demographic information on the respondents who completed your survey!

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No respondents enjoy having to re-answer the same questions over and over again—even if those questions are easy ones, like your age or your marital status.

With TapResearch, you don't need to re-profile. You can append or match the general demographic data we already have on file to the responses you receive. This will reduce redundancy and inspire more completed surveys. Plus, It’s a great way to shorten a survey while still getting all the information you need!

All respondents in our system are re-profiled every 90 days.

There are two ways to get demographic information:

  1. Append information directly into the URL

  2. Match transaction IDs

Append information directly into the URL

When setting up a project you need to make sure that you are passing the IDs within the TapResearch’s system to the survey platform you are using! How do we do this? We do this by appending a spot into the URL directly.

Appending a URL can be slightly different for each survey platform - learn more here.

Just like appending a spot for the transaction ID, you can also append a spot for {AGE}, {GENDER}, {ZIP_CODE} into your URL and get the information we have on file seamlessly added to your data.

Match transaction IDs

If you want all the information we have on file for all the respondents in a project you ran you can download it.

From your home-dash click on "Details"

Here you can download the demographic data using the Download CSV button.

This will provide additional information from the respondents who have completed your survey. These are things that they have answered in their profile such as age, race, gender, household income, and many more questions.

You will be able to match the {ID} passed through the URL to the IDs in the file to get all demographic information.

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