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Determine your Price per Response
Determine your Price per Response

How to pick your pricing and see the feasibility estimate

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TapResearch allows you to select the price you need depending on your timeline, target population, and survey specifications.

Let's say you are wanting to survey people who have dogs. This is an easy population to reach so you could most likely pick a low price. However, if you need the responses in a couple of hours, then you may want to pick a higher price to get the responses more quickly. 

Our system can estimate the number of people we can reach after you've put in your project details and price. You can adjust prices up or down and our system will tell you how many responses it expects, so you can pick the right price for you. 

You are only charged per completed response, so if you select $1.00 per completed response and want 500 responses, your total cost will be $500.00. There are no hidden fees!

In the project builder, fill out your target group (the population you want to take your survey). You'll need to set a quantity and specify at least one target group. If the survey is completely open to the general population, create an age target ranging from 16-100 (all available ages on TapResearch).

Next, input the length of your survey, the incidence of those who will qualify, and days in field (how many days you expect your survey to run).

Finally, add in the cost per complete and the system will estimate your feasibility (if we can get the requested completes for your set days in field): 

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