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Payment Process and Account Funds

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Credit Card prepayment is simple and allows you to get responses immediately. You will be prompted to add in payment details once your project is set up and ready to launch. This amount will be for the desired number of completes * CPI.

Your payment details will be tied to your account so you won't need to re-enter it every time.

To access your Payment information, go to Account -> Payments:

Here you can see past transactions, saved payment methods, and what has been spent by who if you have a team.

If you want to adjust what card you would like to use or delete a card, click on the gear. This will allow a Secondary to be made the Primary card, or you can delete it here as well.

Let's say that you run a project, and you do not collect all the completes that you have paid for. This difference will be added back to your account in the "Account Balance" as soon as the project is complete. In this example, $95.80 was added to the account and is seen as both "Account Balance" and "Available."

When you are ready to launch another campaign, you can use these funds. The cost of that campaign will be subtracted from the "Available" balance as soon as the campaign is set to Active.

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