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TapResearch has very simple and transparent pricing at $0.10 per question response.

The way TapResearch prices work is no matter what customers pay $0.10 per question response for the longest route in the survey. Even if a respondent is disqualified or sent down a different path the pricing will stay the same for each respondent, which is $0.10 per question response. Therefore, we encourage you to use our logic to get insights from all respondents. Utilizing logic helps you receive as much data as possible all for the simple price of $0.10 per question per respondent.

$0.10 per question per response

  • Unlimited seats

  • Unlimited targeting options included

  • Basic and extended profiling data sets included

  • Flexible census balancing options

  • Coverage of major global markets (US, CA, EU)

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

  • Custom research consultation available.

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