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Create a Team

How to add and remove team members, assign admins, and deactivate users

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Creating a team allows you to add other users to your organization and collaborate on projects. Team members have access to each other's projects and can launch their own projects with funds from the main account.

When you sign up for an account, you are the default admin for the organization. This allows you to add users, manage payments, change users to admin, and deactivate users.

Adding Team Members

To add a team member, go to "Account" -> "Team", then type the email address for the the new user.

Note: If the user already has an account in our system, you will need to reach out to to add them to your team.

The new user will receive this email, and select "Join Organization" to set up their own account. The user must use the same email address to make their account as the address to which the invite was sent.

After this, the new user will have access to the Team dashboard. Here, they can select the dropdown menu and view the projects from any team member.

Note: If a user interacts with a project that belongs to another team member, they will then be added to that project, and it will appear on their home dashboard.

Changing User Status

The Admin for each Team can change the status of their team members. To do this, find the team member that you would like to change. Select the gear on the far right side of their account. Here, you can "Make Admin" or "Deactivate" their account.

Please reach out to with any questions.

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