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Click Balancing / Balanced Starts
Click Balancing / Balanced Starts
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Click Balancing (or balanced starts) is a feature that gives you more control to reach & understand your audience.

When click balancing is selected, the target number of responses is measured by the number of people that begin the survey, instead of only those that successfully complete it. This means that the number of successful survey responses will not be known until the survey is completed.

Click balancing does not mean the successful survey responses will be balanced, because the incidence for one demographic group may be different from that of another group. The primary purpose of click balancing is to achieve a balanced number of entrants into the survey.

For most research purposes, click balancing should not be used.

Oftentimes click-balancing methodology is used when a researcher wants to define their market segment/target audience. By using balanced starts/clicks, a researcher can see who is qualifying for their study, and that enables the researcher to define the target audience.

How does TapResearch’s click-balancing work?

In the Respondent Targeting section of the project builder, you will see a box you can click to indicate that you want to balance by clicks!

Once you check click-balancing, feasibility will be based on matches instead of completes. Additionally, total costs will not be displayed because the number of completes is unknown.

Note: If you want the ability to cap completes project-wide, you can use soft launch under the “limits & exclusions” section - this will pause the project when you hit a certain number of completes.

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