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Recontact Surveys

How to recontact people who participated in a previous survey or project wave

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There may be times that you need respondents from one survey to take an additional survey. This can be achieved by running a recontact survey.

Note: The recontact survey is sent to everyone who completed the first one, but not everyone will return and you should expect fewer responses.

First Project (pre-recontact)

In the Respondent Targeting section, check the "recontact second wave" box. This targets respondents that often visit TapResearch and will increase the feasibility of your second wave.

If you did not check this box on the initial project, you can still recontact respondents, but the response rate may be much lower. 

Second Project (recontact stage)

  1. Set up a new project when you are ready to recontact. You cannot use the first project for this.

  2. In the Respondent Targeting section, click "add targeting IDs".

  3. If you are recontacting all respondents who completed your first survey, you may add the first project's campaign ID.

    If you are targeting specific respondents from your first project, you may paste the IDs of those you'd like to recontact.

  4. Be sure that the previous project is not excluded from your new project. You can check this in the Limits & Exclusion section. If you see the past project in this section, use the X to remove it.

  5. Adjust your URL to append both the old ID and the new ID.


    Substitution values can be found in the URLs section of the project builder: 

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