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Short Surveys: Benefits, and how to achieve the best data quality
Short Surveys: Benefits, and how to achieve the best data quality

Tips on keeping your survey short to increase data quality and respondent attention

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Market research is becoming mobile as we spend more time on our phones. The majority of TapResearch respondents take surveys on mobile devices when they have spare time- which means short surveys are most successful on our platform.

Shorter surveys are great for both respondents and researchers.ย Benefits of short surveys:

  • Higher feasibility

  • Lower research prices

  • Better data

  • Less respondent fatigue

  • More responses (respondents are more likely to choose shorter surveys)

How to Create Shorter Surveys

Remove demographic questions

TapResearch gathers demographic information from all respondents. You can download this information from respondents who completed your survey! Because of this, you do not need to ask demographic questions (age, gender, ethnicity, etc).

Excluding these questions can significantly shorten your survey. It also cuts down on the repetitiveness of questions that can cause frustration for respondents.

Run multiple shorter surveys

It can be tempting to include as many questions as possible in a survey. There's a lot you want to know, so why not ask it all at once?

Respondents may experience mental fatigue when answering surveys that ask too many questions or change topics, resulting in lower quality data or respondents abandoning your survey.

To avoid this, try creating multiple, short surveys that each cover one topic. With TapResearch, this will be comparable in cost to a longer survey, and it will result in better quality data.

Need advice on shortening your survey? Our team is here to help!



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