Market Research is becoming mobile as we live more and more on our phones. This means that surveys are getting shorter! This is a great benefit for the respondent and the researchers. 

Benefits of short surveys:

  • Higher feasibility

  • Lower research prices

  • Better data

  • Less respondent fatigue

Tips to create shorter surveys:

Remove demographic questions

TapResearch gathers data points on respondents including demographic data. You can access this information on each respondent in a free download from TapResearch. Because of this, there is no reason to re-ask these questions in the survey (age, gender, ethnicity, etc). Excluding these questions can significantly shorten your survey. It also cuts down on the repetitiveness of questions that can cause frustration for respondents. For more info on this demographic download, see here

Do research more often

Many times we want to ask as many questions as we can once we've started.
(why not throw this question in?)
 However, it's better to figure out what you REALLY want to know and keep the survey surrounding one subject. If you find your survey getting too long, consider breaking it up into multiple projects. With TapResearch this often won't cost more and will produce better quality data.
Multiple short surveys often produce better results than one long survey.

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