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How to set up redirects with TypeForm to work with TapResearch

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To use Typeform with TapResearch, you will need a "Plus" account. This level currently costs $35/mo if you pay by the year or $50/mo if you pay per month. (https://www.typeform.com/pricing/)

If you need a one-off survey finished or do not want to upgrade, please contact us at projectmanagement@tapresearch.com. Our internal survey tool may be a fit.

After creating your survey in TypeForm, perform the following steps:

On the "Create" survey page, Select "Settings":

Then turn on "Redirect on Completion"

Return to TapResearch and within the campaign, copy the "Success" Redirect URLs. These redirects can be found in the URL section and are specific to your customer account.

You will remove the "?tid=" from the end of the link and add the link into TypeForm:

Creating Hidden Fields

Now we need to add a Hidden Field so our id is appended to the results from Typeform and you can match these results to our demographic data. Go to the far right side of the screen and select Logic -> Advanced -> Hidden Fields.

The Hidden Field screen will appear. Select + Add a Hidden Field and change this to @id then Save.

Next, Publish the survey.

This will generate a link, copy this generated url from the Typeform page. You can also access this from the Share tab.

Place it the TapResearch builder under URL, replacing the xxxx with {ID}.

The final URL will look something like this once it is ready for testing:

Then test your survey to be sure you are redirected correctly:

If everything is correct, you should be redirected to a page that shows that you completed:

You are good to proceed with collecting responses!

Need Multiple Redirects? Keep Reading!

When using our platform, you are paying per complete. You want to make sure you have the redirects set up so you are not paying for respondents who should have terminated at a certain point in the survey.

To set up multiple redirects, first, you need to turn off the Redirect on completion that can be found under Settings:

Then you want to go back to Builder and in the Endings section (below the questions), hit the + button to add a second ending. You want one ending for Complete and one for Disqualified.

You will want to adjust the settings to match the image below.

  • Button - Give a nice message like, "Thank you! Click here!"

  • Button link - Toggle this on so the user can be redirected back to TapResearch. Paste you redirect here without the "?tid="

  • Social share icons - toggle off

  • Do the same for Disqualified with the Disqualified link

Now we need to set up the logic. Go to Logic -> Advanced -> Branching and calculations:

Here, you will be able to add logic to a specific question:

Now you can customize your endpoints. In this example, I want everyone who is having a Great or Good day to go to our Disqualified page which I have set as Endpoint B. Keep in mind that the default logic between responses is an and. You can select or depending on what you need.

Great! Now everyone who selects 'Great!' or 'Good' will be done with the survey and get sent back TapResearch. All other responses will continue on to question 2.

Now we need to set the logic for everyone who completes the survey. In the logic map that will be on the right side of the Logic Jump page. Select the last question of your project. In this example, Question 3. We set our complete to be A, so we will select A. This is telling our survey that everyone who gets to this point has completed the survey.

Our final logic map looks like this:

Now select Publish. Copy the link and add this to your project on TapResearch! Remember to add the Hidden Fields to your project as discussed above. Testing for both a Complete and Disqualified is very important with branching! Make sure each selection follows the logic path that you had intended.

You are ready to launch! Reach out to projectmanagement@tapresearch.com with any additional questions.

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