Once you have logged in, select + New Project.

Name your project and choose the country and language.
(Keep in mind, if you build your survey in a certain language, it will not be translated to another language) 

Once you have named your project, you will be taken to the Project Builder. You will have a unique project builder for each project, so customize this builder as much as you need to in order to achieve the best results for each survey.


The number of respondents you would like to complete your survey will be entered in the “Quantity” field in the “Respondent Targeting” tab. 

If your project has several quotas or targeting groups with a unique number of desired responses, you can create as many “Respondent Targeting” sets as you need by selecting “Add Target Group” under the same tab and adding the desired number of responses for each quota.

If you create several Respondent Targeting groups, it is helpful to name each group to match the name of each quota so you can easily make adjustments as your quotas fill. 

*NOTE: Your total number of responses for your project will be the sum of the Quantity set for each target group.


Now that you have told us how many responses you would like, tell us who you would like to respond to your survey by filling in your targets under “Targeting Options” in the Respondent Targeting tab. 

The options you see in this tab are respondent characteristics we can target. This affects the Incidence Rate of your project, and it is always advised to add as many targets as you can in order to ensure that your study reaches the right respondents without reaching too many of the wrong ones! As you can see, we are able to target for a large number of characteristics! 

To target your respondents, select a targeting option from the menu, adjust as needed, and select “Done”. 

You can always edit your quotas, or targeting groups, after you have launched your project by clicking on the quota under “Selected Targeting” and adjusting as needed. Or, click the X on the far right to remove the quota completely, which will open your targeting to ALL availability within that quota (e.g. removing the target 18-22 will send your survey to all respondents ages 18-99).


It is most common for projects to target all devices, but if you prefer your respondents to use a specific device, you can edit this by selecting “Advanced” under the Respondent Targeting tab and deselecting devices you do not want your respondents to be using. 

*Note: If you are going to target mobile respondents, surveys need to be mobile compatible. Additionally, removing device options may negatively affect your feasibility. 


Your desired pricing will help determine your feasibility, or the estimate of how many responses your survey will get in your given timeframe.

Cost/ complete is the amount you will pay for each completed response. A typical cost/ complete is $1.00, but you may adjust as needed to either increase feasibility or stay within budget. 

Enter your desired CPI in the Cost / Complete field of the Pricing section. 

After entering your cost/ complete, you will be able to see the estimated total cost of your project, assuming your project receives the total number of desired completes.


Navigate to the “Survey Details” tab to help determine your feasibility, or the estimate of how many responses your survey will get in a given timeframe. The factors that affect feasibility are:

Length of survey

Round your survey length to the nearest minute. The longer your survey, the lower your feasibility.

Incidence Rate

 The IR, or Incidence Rate, is the percent of respondents you expect to be able to complete the survey after you have targeted for all available characteristics. For more about calculating your project’s IR, see this article

Days in field

 More days in the field improves the probability of achieving your desired number of responses. If your survey is in the field for several weeks you may get fewer responses per day, and that is ok! 

Cost/ complete

A higher cost/ complete improves feasibility. If you have a tough project, such as a survey with limited targeting or a lengthy LOI, raising your cost/ complete can help entice respondents toward your project.

How can I increase my feasibility?

 You can increase the likelihood of getting the responses you need in the time you need them by adjusting the above variables in the following ways:

  • Decrease LOI 

  • Increase IR by improving your targeting, if possible, or by adding a prescreening question (See more about IR and prescreening questions HERE)

  • Increase the amount of time your survey is in the field

  • Increase your CPI

After completing your survey details, you will see your feasibility in the Pricing section of the campaign builder. This tells you our estimate of how many responses you will get within the number of days in the field you selected. 

If you have more than one targeting group, you will see a separate feasibility estimate for each targeting group. 

If your project does not show any feasibility, try adjusting per the “How can I increase feasibility” suggestions above. You must show a feasibility of at least 1 response in order to launch your project.

Place your survey entry link (provided by your survey hosting software) and make sure our custom re-direct links have been placed in your survey hosting software.
Every platform is different. You can refer to your survey hosting software for specific questions about placing redirect links.


Test for DQ and Complete before launching your survey to ensure you are redirected correctly. You can do this by clicking the "Test" button and purposefully disqualifying, then testing again through completion. 

You should be redirected to the following page after disqualification:

Please reach out to for any questions! 

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