Start your project by selecting New Project

Click the Write Survey button:

Name your project and choose the country and language.
(Keep in mind, if you build your survey in a certain language, it will not be translated to another language) 

Choose your audience, meaning who you want to take your survey. You can narrow down your audience by adding targeting. 

Any changes in targeting will change how quickly the project finishes which you can see here: 

Price is always set at $0.02 per completed response.

Now you are ready to write your survey!

Add in your question text. Additional questions can be added with Add question button:

Accept will allow respondents to move forward, Reject will disqualify the respondent from the survey. Those who are rejected from the survey will not be included in your data. You also won't be charged for them.

To Change the Order of your questions, simply use the up/down arrows at the side of each question.

Note! We store demographic information for those taking your survey and this will be automatically included in your data. Therefore, there isn't a need to ask these basic demographic questions in your survey. 

For questions, please email:

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