Occasionally you may need to recontact respondents with unique links. We'll take you through those steps!

First, You will want to understand what is in your URL and determine what part of the is static and what part is unique. An example of links:



As you can see https://surveys.com/1234abc&id= is the static part of the link and doesn't change. Everything after the &id= is unique and needs to be associated with the respondent that comes into the survey.

The ID after &id= is the ID that needs to be recontacted.

We'll need to separate the part of the link that is unique to be uploaded into our project.

Open Excel

Add your links into a column, highlight the column, select the Data view and choose Text to Columns

I selected Fixed Width, (but it's fine if your link works better with delimited)

Add a line into where ever divides your static link from the unique link:

Select Finish and you should end up with something similar to the below:

Next we'll need to get the Unique portion structured in a way that the TapResearch tool and process the information. The structure will be:

ID, Unique part of the link

Again you'll divide up the Link with the Text to columns feature but now separate the ID

Now we have our list of IDs.
Next copy and paste the IDs so that the IDs are represented to two places in the excel sheet:

From there, use the formula =CONCATENATE(B1,",",C1,D1)

This will state the ID, a comma, the unique link intact.


Now you are ready to add this into the TapResearch Platform!

First put the Static link into the URL section and add {RETARGET_IDENTIFIER} in where the Unique part of the link should go.

Next, navigate to the Respondent Targeting section and select Advanced.

Click on Add targeting IDs

Then upload the Concentrated data that you made in Column E:

This means that the correct respondent will be targeted and then we will append the correct information to the link.

After that, you are all set to launch!

Please reach out to projectmanagement@tapresearch.com

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