This guide will lead you through the process of setting up TapResearch redirects and variables within Qualtrics.

To use Qualtrics with TapResearch, you will need a paid-for account. The redirect to URL features is not available to free account users. Qualtrics is a subscription-based tool requiring annual renewal starting at $1,500 a year and can go up to $5,000 a year. If you want more information on redirect instructions from Qualtrics click here.

Note: The test URL and live URL will be the same for your project

Step-by-step instructions:

1) Copy the links TapResearch provided to a text editor.

2) Go into the Survey tab for the project you’re working on.

3) Click in the question text for any question and click the Piped Text tab.

4) Select Embedded Data and enter the field name from the end of your links (so if you saw &id=, type in &id= and select Insert.

5) A piece of code will be inserted in the question text box.

Piped Text code entered into question textbox

6) Cut the code from the question text box, go back to your links in the text editor, and paste the code that you generated (e.g., ${e://Field/id}) in place of the dummy text, after the field name.

Example Before:
Example After:${e://Field/id}

7) Repeat steps 3–6 for each field that you need to append to your link.

Example of multiple appends:${e://Field/id}&ticket=${e://Field/ticket}

TapResearch URL Example: ( &id=)?id=

Qualtrics URL Example:${e://Field/id} (

Are you still confused about appending your URL? Check out this help document

8) Once you have doubled checked the setup within Qualtrics, head over to TapResearch and paste the Survey URL, and test to the end of your survey

9) The test of your survey should end on a TapResearch page (aka redirected to a TapResearch URL) with a "complete" message.


Q: I am also sending this survey through email and social media, does this mean all the people who've completed the survey will be redirected to TapResearch?

A: Only users who have a valid TAP ID, which is given immediately prior to the respondent entering the survey, will be counted as a complete. However, respondents may be redirected to our website following completion. It wouldn't adversely affect your data and there's no ads or anything to contend with.

Q: I specified in the survey details that I only wanted 20 responses, I see more than 20 have been collected. Will I be charged for the extra completes?

A: Our system may over-sample to ensure high-quality responses, however you will never be charged for any additional surveys completed outside of your specified value.

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