If you are unable to upgrade to a paid SurveyMonkey account but still wish to collect responses with TapResearch then use this work around to be sure respondents are still being rewarded for their time!
We will do this by adding a clickable image to the end of your survey. This will redirect the respondent to TapResearch once they click the image. 

A few things to keep in mind: 

The respondent doesn't technically 'complete' in SurveyMonkey since they don't ever get to the SurveyMonkey finish page. However you will still have all the data in SurveyMonkey (they just will show as incomplete).
You will be unable to match the TapResearch demographic data to your SurveyMonkey data on a respondent level.

Here are step-by-step instructions:

Add a new page to the end of your survey. This is important since this will ensure all your other questions are answered before they are redirected.

On this new (and last) page add a new question. We recommend adding a "Single Text Box" question since the text box takes up little space.

In the Question text area Add an Image

There will be a pop up to insert an image URL. In the "Source" section, add this URL:
No need to fill in image description or change the dimensions. Press OK. 

You will then see that the image is in your question text area! Highlight the image with your cursor so that it is selected and appears blue:

Once highlighted, click to insert a link

This is where you will place the TapResearch complete redirect. This can be found in your TapResearch project in the URL section:

You'll want to remove the characters at the end of the URL so that it ends in "complete". Here is an example:

You will add this into SurveyMonkey:

Be sure to that the Target is changed to "None" and doesn't open in a New Window: 

After all these steps, be sure to test and make sure everything is working! The image should look like this: 

When you click the image, you should be redirected to the TapResearch URL you added and see a complete screen:


Q: I am also sending this survey through email and social media, does this mean all the people who've completed the survey will be redirected to TapResearch?

A: Only users who have a valid TAP ID, which is given immediately prior to the respondent entering the survey, will be counted as a complete. However, respondents may be redirected to our website following completion. It wouldn't adversely affect your data and there's no ads or anything to contend with.

Q: I specified in the survey details that I only wanted 20 responses, I see more than 20 have been collected. Will I be charged for the extra completes?

A: Our system may over-sample to ensure high quality responses, however you will never be charged for any additional surveys completed outside of your specified value.

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