First set up your project. If you are unsure how to do that, please refer to our article: Setting up your Project


Select Advanced option button:

Select Require mobile Ad ID button
Click Add Upload MAIDs:

Be sure that the file of MAIDs you choose is a .csv file. 

****The file format MUST be .csv****

There can't be any other characters in the file other than the MAIDs, so be sure to remove any headers.

You will see the IDs processing: 

From there you will see the amount of IDs that were uploaded: 


 For MAID projects is $2.00 per completed response is cost and this will auto populate. 

Place your survey entry link (provided by your survey hosting software) in the Test URL and Live URL field in the URLS tab. 

You will need to append two spots: One for the MAID and one for the TapResearch respondent ID. The substitution values for those are:
-Respondent ID: {ID}

An example of a correct link would look like this:{ID}&maid={RETARGET_IDENTIFIER}

Getting the URL format correct can be tricky! So please contact us if needed. 

If you have any questions, please to reach out to: 

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