This article will give a step-by-step guide on setting up a project and uploading of Mobile Ad IDs. 

After creating a DIY account with us, start by creating a new project! This button is in the top right hand side of your dashboard screen. 

Click "External link" since you will most likely be using a previously programmed survey. Then add the name of your project, the desired country, and press continue. 

After building your respondent targeting (amount of desired completes and audience) click "Advanced" in the bottom right hand corner. 

Be sure to click "Require mobile Ad ID" button then select "Add targeting IDs"

Under the "Mobile Ad IDs" section you can upload a file with your MAID IDs. The file must be either a txt or csv file. Be sure to not have anything other than the IDs in the file. (no column labels etc)

Be sure to also fill in the Survey Details tab with the survey length and expected incidence. This will help determine your price per completed response. All MAID ID projects have a $2.00 per complete minimum. With longer lengths or lower incidence the cost will automatically change from there. If all respondents with matching MAID IDs are eligible for the survey, the IR is 100.

The last requirement is adding in the survey URL. The URL needs to contain 2 variables - {RETARGET_IDENTIFIER}, where the MAID ID will be substituted, and {ID}, where the respondent ID will be substituted.
For example: http:/{RETARGET_IDENTIFIER}&id={ID}

Be sure that the redirect links are in place on the platform that the survey is hosted. This is to ensure the respondents are rewarded. Only {ID} needs to be appended to our redirect URLs.
Test the link with the test button to be sure everything is working correctly. 

Once everything is in place, click "Submit" in the upper right hand corner to set the project live. 

For any questions or issues, reach out to and we will be able to assist you!

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