Testing your project is a great way to be sure everything is working. We recommend testing for both a terminate and a complete to be sure that your redirects are in correctly. If in correctly, you should be routed back to tapresearch.com.


Success        https://www.tapresearch.com/routers/status_cb?status=1&id=
Disqualified   https://www.tapresearch.com/routers/status_cb?status=2&id=
Over Quota     https://www.tapresearch.com/routers/status_cb?status=3&id=

Please refer to your survey building platform to inquire about how to place your redirects. 

In the URL section there is a blue "Test" button. This will produce a pop-up that autofills in a unique test ID. Click on or copy that URL into your browser to test. 

After successfully testing to either complete or disqualification, you will see the following screen:

You can view all your tests by clicking the "Results" button. 

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