When you want to build your own survey click on "Build survey" button.
Then name your project and choose what country and language.
(Keep in mind, if you build your survey in a certain language, it will not be translated to another language) 

Next, define your target audience!
Quantity is how many people you are looking to take your survey. Quantity and at least one target audience must be in place.  Here is an example:

Now you are ready to write your survey!

3 types of questions:
Single Select- respondent will only be able to choose one option.
Multiple Select- respondent will be able to choose all that apply. If respondent selects at least one "accepted" answer they will move onto the next question.
Free Text- respondents will be required to write in a response.

Accept will allow respondents to move forward, Reject will disqualify the respondent from the survey.

To Change the Order of your questions, simply use the up/down arrows at the side of each question. 

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